Chaat Masala Mix

A perfect blend of roasted spices with Green Chili Powder.



Hot and Spicy Blend of Spices Serving as a Perfect Seasoning 

How to use:

Chaat Masala has a hot and tangy flavor. Sprinkle Chat Masala on your fruit mix, vegetable mix or Chana Chaat.

Increase/reduce the quantity according to taste and spice level.

Can be used for multiple dishes as a flavor enhancer. Also, an ideal ingredient for marination.

Product Benefits:

  • The spices that make up our Green Chili Chaat Masala are each highly nutritious and deliver nutrients such as Minerals, Vitamins, and Anti-oxidants.
  • Good sources of iron and calcium.

Main Ingredients:

Green Chili Powder

Mango powder,


Cumin seeds



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